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Dx Expedition - 1A0KM - S.M.O.M Collegata questa dx expedition in 80m. 1A0KM website. 1A0KM operation support the …. PQ60ICN draws attention to the 60th anniversary of the Yacht Club of Natal. (1,593 on 160 meters). DX & Operating, 1A0KM A 1990 DXpedition To SMOM (Petronzio IK8DOI), CQ 1991, Aug pg 46 DX & Operating, 1A3A: The first contest from the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Minguzzi (IZ4AKS) and Schettino (I4UFH), CQ 2009, Aug, p. Dec 21, 2013 · QSL via IK0FTA and LoTW, logsearch on Club Log and website at QSL via 1a0km lotw G3PJT and LoTW. I had a chance to ask Peter to QSY for another QRG to try. o systemach oceny zgodności i nadzoru rynku weszła w życie 20 kwietnia 2016 r. Free searchable database of known active LoTW users as of 09 October 2009. 1a0km – sov military order of malta: 3b7 – agalega & st brandon islands: 3b8 – mauritius island: 3b9 – rodriguez island: 3c – equatorial guinea: 3c0 – annobon: 3d2 – conway reef: 3d2 – rotuma: 3da – swaziland: 3w, xv – viet nam: 3xa – guinea: 3y – bouvet island: 3y – …. For details and updates, see: FM/TO5, MARTINIQUE. Activity will be CW only. Current Totals: 29,582 Callsigns, 328 Countries, plus maritime mobiles. Born in 1949, started in 1963 at 14 years old as SWL I1-12579 with the glorious and unforgettable Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 3000 all transistor portable receiver, first licensed in 1967 as I1IJ (no call areas at that time). Click on the Awards item in the menu at the top of the page to select a different LoTW award account. 225 QSO's were made with USA on the Topband and 21 with Canada. Welcome to the Club Log expeditions homepage. Look for more details to be forthcoming Ustawa z dnia 13 kwietnia 2016 r.

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Beware of the same. I had a chance to ask Peter to QSY for another QRG to try. 1A0KM operation supports the DX-Code of conduct. Jan 30, 2014 · #221 DXCC is West Malaysia 9M2MRS also on 40 meters. 31. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to …. I am getting started with Logger32 and like what I see so far. Phase 1 - DXpedition and Callsign- Powered by IH9GPI: Select DXpedition:. 13 DX & Operating, 1B1NCC: Pirate Station or Political Statement? S79Z Qsl Info database by Paolo IK3QAR. Callsign Prefix + Entity Original DXCC Cards New DXCC Cards Remarks mm/dd/yy CHKD Date Sent ABU AIL ISLANDS (DELETED) 1A0KM EA2MK EB1TR EA4KT 4S7VG PZ5T PZ5P JW/DL2JRM JW8HGA JW/LZ2HM SK3W SG3U SM4OTI HB9CA HB9DAX HB9CVQ BP100 5I0DX H40GC HS0ZKS 5V7P ZK3Q ZK3E A31MA A35YZ ….DXpedition Logs Hosted on Club Log. Cards can be sent direct or via the RSGB bureau, and logs are uploaded weekly to LoTW WAS QSO Details - DXCC DXCC ce ZD8D (30M) - CW HH2/PY1ZV (12M) - CW LU2FLN (40M) 1a0km lotw - CW 9A3SM (12M) - CW 6W2SC (12M) - CW 6W2SC (10M) - CW J79WTA (15M) - SSB E51NOU (17M) - …. prefix entitate dxcc: hf: digital= 1,8: 3,5 7: 10: 14: 18: 21: 24: 28: total 1= ,8-28: 24: 1a0= of malta: 1a0km: 1a0km : 1a0km: 1a0km: 1a0km: 1a0km. # 0834z hd2rae 3502.5 s3*9 1135z du7et 3509.5 s4*9 160m 1959z-2030z ly2baw 439 * 4o3a 439 cq # 1a0km s. VP8ORK is the latest DXpedition on the HF bands, working from South Orkney Island, which is (sort of) between Chile and Antarctica way out in the ocean “Ligada no Radioamador” GESTÃO 2014/2015 Edição - DEZEMBRO/2013 A Diretoria Executiva e o Conselho Deliberativo da LABRE/RS desejam a todos os seus associados …. Phase 1 - DXpedition and Callsign- Powered by IH9GPI: Select DXpedition:.

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Sunday, 30 January 2011. Fred was calling on some frequency CQ, great signal but he did not copy me. Also these logs are for. LoTW list by DXCC entity Current entities (outside continental USA) 1A S.M.O.M.-Rome (4 calls) 1A0C 1A0KM 1A3A 1A4A 1S Spratly (11 calls) 9M0C 9M0F 9M0L 9M0M 9M0O 9M0S 9M0W 9M0Z 9M4SDX 9M4SLL DX0JP . 1a0km(90c) 1a0km(90s) jm3jow/bv(88s) bv2a(76c,s) zk2aq(76c) zk2dd(79c) zk2av(78c),s zk1cq(79c) zk1cx(76s),c zk1dr(78s) zk1am(79c,s) zk1mb(79c) zk1mb(79c,s) t3kc(79c),s vr1be(79s) vr3ah(78s) vr3ak(76s) kc6cs(88c) kc6kr(81s) v63in(90s) kc6mm(75s),c kc6jc(71s) lu3zy(78s) lu3zy(79c) s01ea(90s) south sandwich is lotw <= 160.00 80.00 40.00 30.00 20. Specific dates have not been announced yet, but. 1A0KM PIRATE ACTIVITIES. 340 Countries 331 Worked 292 Confirmed by QSL 331 QSL + LOTW. 2003-10-03 13:09:48 LOTW _ QSO: Successfully processed 59301 QSO records in 1196.234572 seconds 2003-10-03 13:09:48 LOTW _ QSO: 4466 records were duplicates 1A0KM SOV MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA X X X 1M MINERVA REEF (DELETED) Yes 3A MONACO X X X X X X X X X X X 3B7 AGALEGA & ST BRANDON ISLANDS X X X X X X X X X X. DISCLAIMER: If you are this callsign owner and want to update this information please register and update the data afterwards. 2 - OQRS QSL request (including LoTW credit) All donors contributing US$50 (USD) or more to the DXpedition will automatically receive: QSL card, credit on LOTW and the DVD of the DXpedition. This can only be done once LoTW’s secondary role is to provide confirmations defined in terms of various awards such as DXCC, WAS, and VUCC, and of operating events such as the Centennial QSO Party. QRV during January 2015, QSL via PS7GL (d/B), LoTW. 73. 1a0km lotw This will send a request to LoTW to do a complete update of your WPX account and should result in many more prefixes. dxcc entity 160m 80m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 6m; afghanistan : t6lg: t6t : t6ad: t6mo: t6jp: t6jpt6t : agalega & saint brandon islands : 3b7c3b7c: 3b7c: 3b7c.

1A0KM, SMOM Sovereign Military Order of Malta license owner, operator and QSL Manager since. Where: Los Pinos in …. 3A Monaco (62 calls) 3A/AI4SV 3A/DF2UU 3A/DF8DX 3A/DG5NFF 3A/DK7PE 3A/DL3OCH 3A/DL3ZH 3A/DL5IAR 3A/DM9EE 3A/EA1DVY 3A/EA3EGB 3A/EA4NF 3A/EA5IDQ 3A. Search criteria: Callsign, Prefix, DXCC Country, or Zone dxcc entity 160m 80m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 6m; afghanistan : t6lg: t6t : t6ad: t6mo: t6jp: t6jpt6t : agalega & saint brandon islands : 3b7c3b7c: 3b7c: 3b7c. Rony/PS7AB commemorates the end of WWII during January with the call PP70FEB. Online log facility will be also available. Google Earth is nice for making plots of qsoes. (Harris VP2ML), CQ 1992, Nov pg 136. Beware of the same. PQ60ICN draws attention to the 60th anniversary of the Yacht Club of Natal. abu ail islands (x) blenheim reef (x) geyser reef (x) spratly islands 1a0km sovereign military order of malta 1m minerva reef (x) 3a monaco 3b7 agalega & saint brandon islands 3b8 mauritius island 3b9 rodriguez island 3c equatorial guinea 3c0 annobon 3d2 conway reef 3d2 fiji islands 3d2 rotuma 3da swaziland 3v tunisia 3w, xv viet nam 3xa guinea. QSL via IK0FTA, LOTW Announced DX Operations by NG3K April 2012 Edition Current Entities Total: 340 (Entry level Honor Roll is 331 current entities) 9A3BWW LOTW confirmed dxcc is green DXCC by prefix - 191 worked - 164 confirmed confirmed by ABU AIL IS. (Harris VP2ML), CQ 1a0km lotw 1992, Nov pg 136. This figures includes some dupes. Corrected: LoTW/eQSL sync: QTH locator from LoTW/eQSL will be set in the QSO if the QTH locator field is empty or if QTH locator to import has 6 digits and the QTH locator field has 4 digits matching the Maidenhead.

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